Whether you are building with a  Contractor or self-building, you may feel overwhelmed at first. Below is  a list of steps to follow to keep your kitchen selection process enjoyable.

  1. Establish a layout. Chances are, you are working from a stock house plan, or working with your builder or architect to design a semi custom  or custom house plan. This is your opportunity to establish the footprint of your kitchen. So often, I see plans when the house is already framed, and long after the planning phase, only for the client to discover that they would rather have an island than galley kitchen, or, hey, where is the butlers pantry? The ideal time to get your kitchen designer involved is when you start talking about the general building plan. I can work with you and your builder/drafts-person to establish a layout that suits how you will use the space. This doesn’t just include kitchens, it also includes bathrooms, laundry rooms, playrooms, entertainment areas and mudrooms.
  2. Establish a budget. If you are building with a contractor or purchasing a not-yet completed home from a builder, ask what your Allowances are. Your dream kitchen may exceed the allowance set out by the builder, so be prepared to pay a little bit extra out of pocket if your builders allowance does not suit what you have envisioned for the space. If you are self-building, it is very helpful to use a preliminary kitchen design and quote to establish your kitchen budget.
  3. Fine Tune your Designs. Fine tune the layouts of your cabinetry, including layouts, finishes and materials. This can include your Kitchen, Bathroom vanities, closets, laundry rooms, playrooms, entertainment areas etc. You will have to establish and finalize flooring finishes, paint colors, molding details, hardware specifications, lighting and other components around the same time. Working with a professional can help keep you organized and ensure a cohesive flow of colors and finishes through your space.
  4. Commit to your selections. Once you have made all the important decisions on finishes, you may choose to get quotations from multiple suppliers for your Cabinetry, Appliances, Flooring, etc. The lowest price is not always the best value, and you will have to inspect the quotations carefully to ensure that they are quoting exactly what you are asking for. A design professional is also very helpful in this stage, as they know what to look for in your paperwork. Once you have confirmed your suppliers, deposits and payment terms must be negotiated and agreed upon.