There can be many reasons to renovate your exiting kitchen. A 25 year old kitchen was designed for how we used kitchens 25 years ago, and may be inefficient for the modern homeowners needs. The process is identical to that of someone building a new home, but for a few details that need to be taken into account.

  1. Will you hire a Renovation Contractor? An experienced Renovation Contractor is a valuable asset to any project. If you choose to hire someone to see your project through from finish to end make sure ask plenty of questions and get everything in writing. The contractor will generally work with whatever materials and suppliers you select, or may make recommendations as to suppliers he prefers to work with. Usually by the time you get to the point of finding the contractor, we have already finalized a kitchen design, so you need only to tell him who you are working with and I will provide him with all the drawings and details he requires to give you an accurate quotation.
  2. Self-Contracting? You can save some money by contracting the project yourself. This can be very demanding on your schedule so make sure that you have plenty of time to plan for and monitor your trades. Establish all of your material costs and suppliers before you start to avoid going over budget.
  3. Complete Overhaul or Simple Face lift? If you just want a new look and are not changing the locations of any walls, plumbing or electrical, your renovation will be pretty simple. If you are changing the layout by moving walls, windows, electrical or plumbing, there are a number of trades that will have to be lined up and organized.
  4. Common issues in a Kitchen Renovation. Some common problems to look out for include: Existing Bulkheads may hide plumbing or ventilation, hidden electrical behind cabinetry will have to be relocated, additional electrical circuits for wall ovens or lighting, uneven floors and ceilings will need to  be leveled, the list goes on and on!