Range hoods/Ventilation

Microwave/Range-Hood Combination

Two appliances in one. These are a great solution for the average home cook with limited counter space, requiring nothing fancy in a microwave. The bottom is generally mounted 18″ from the cook-top. There is no such thing as a standard size microwave/range hood, as the heights vary from 15″ to 19″! make sure to communicate the height of the unit with your designer so the cabinet above is properly adjusted to allow the bottom of the unit to line up with the adjacent cabinetry.

Under-Cabinet Range Hoods

These generally mount under the cabinet above the range and vent either outdoors, or recirculate the air above the stove through a charcoal filter. The professional style hoods are generally available in 24″. 30″, 36″ and 48″ wide models and have stronger blowers, though can be quite loud, and are usually a stainless steel finish. The standard style hoods are available in a number of different finishes, styles and price ranges.

 Chimney Style Range hoods

This style of hood works well in transitional or modern styled spaces. They come in both wall mount or island style. They are either all metal or metal and glass. 30″ wide or 36″ wide models, and are outside venting.

 Custom Built Range hoods

This style of range hood works well in Traditional or Transitional spaces, and adds a classic element to more contemporary spaces. There are various style options, but most all will consist of a fabricated shell into which a blower unit,or insert will have to be installed. This is one of the more expensive options, but adds an air of high class and breaks up the lines of the cabinetry in a large space, creating visual interest.